Relieves Pain

You can feel better now.
THC-free VEIVE CBD for pain relief.
It's natural, It's fast, and you wouldn't have read
this far if you didn't need it

How our relief works

You don't even have to rub it in. It's topical, like a timely conversation or "tropical" without the r.
Like both of those things, it's pleasant and will leave you feeling better. VEIVE will find a way to help
relieve what hurts if you find your way to VEIVE.



Made with the CBD extracted from natural compounds in orange peels. Yes, it's possible to convert the goodness found in orange peels
to the goodness of CBD. And you don't have to worry about THC or the impurities that you get from messing with hemp. No dyes or perfumes either. Just nature wanting you to feel better.
PureForm CBD is 99.9% pure CBD.
We genuinely want you to feel it,
because we genuinely know you'll
like it. It's the safe, tested, soothing
pain relief nature wants for you.

Q: Why did nature put
CBD into orange peels?
A: Well, it didn't... exactly.

But what is in those peels are organic compounds that VEIVE's unique process extracts and transforms into CBD that helps you feel better. And it's PURE CBD. No cannabis. No THC.
Just CBD that relieves and soothes, relaxes and soothes.

An unexpected and mystifying gift from nature. But there's no mystery to the VEIVE 
promise. All VEIVE products are safe, tested, reliable and they can help you feel better. Now.

Hello life.
Goodbye pain.





Relief from minor aches and pains. With menthol 12% cream and CBD.
Relief from cramped, restless and twitching muscles. A gentle, soothing homeopathic cream with CBD.
Revitalizing nourishment for dry skin. With herbs, vitamins and 200 mg of CBD.
Relieves cramps and period pain. A gentle, soothing homeopathic cream with CBD.